Rob MetzingerRob Metzinger is co-instructor with Larry Gust of IBE 212. He is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA) Consultant, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc., and one of Canada’s top EMR Technical Experts. Safe Living Technologies Inc. provides EMF safety solutions for North America, through extensive knowledge and scientifically proven EMF technology that helps detect, protect and prevent the negative effects of EMFs on the human body.

From his 20 years experience as an independent corporate electronics field service engineer, Rob has developed a strong background in electrical and electronic problem solving along with strong customer relation skills. He is an authority on all issues related to EMF and RF pollution. Education, Detection and Protection are the three pillars of his business.

Electronics Engineering Technologist, 1987 • Electronics Field Service Engineer, Supervisor 1987-1994 • President and Founder - Addressable Solutions Inc. 1994-Present • Professional EMR Site Inspector Residential and Commercial 2002-Present • Factory Certified Gigahertz Solutions Test Equipment Instructor, 2005-Present • Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA) Consultant, 2008 • EMR Mitigation Instructor for the Institute of Building Biology USA, 2008-Present • EMR Safety Expert Panelist IBE- 2008, 2011 • Speaker – Total Health Expo. - Toronto Convention Centre, 2010  • Certified Building Biologist, BBEC, 2010 • Speaker – American Medical Association for Anti-Aging 2011 • Appeared on many News Casts and a Radio Shows • Researcher and Design of RF Shielding Products and Techniques • Specialist in Study of Electro-Biology