211 reducedThis totally rewritten and reorganized course will put the information at your fingertips to learn throughout the classweek about: The environmental concerns, where do they come from within the built environment, how do you measure them, and how do you get them out of the house (or office, or commercial building).

The all-new manual and the PowerPoint will aid and support you in the process during the class, as well as provide the added bonus of being an excellent reference for your careers and/or for your investigations into problem issues and possible health hazards in your own home once you complete this seminar. The practical "cause-effect-solution" approach by co-instructors Stephen and Alex will make this course accessible to Building Biologists of any and all professional certification streams, as well as to environmentally curious homeowners.

Learn the cutting-edge and emerging air and water quality science, practices, and solutions. Join us for five days of lectures, hands-on labs for instrumentation use, instructor-led discussions, and demonstrations. Gain insight into the indoor factors that can imperil or support human health.

Click here to download the 2018 Seminar Syllabus

Early-bird registration for this 2017 seminar ($1,375 USD, a $100 savings) is now open. Seminar tuition includes two prerequisite online courses: IBE 206.6 Ventilation and IBE 204.2 Indoor Climate (an additional savings of $140); these courses are intended to walk you into the first day of classes, regardless of your background or prior training, fully prepared.

This seminar conveys 40 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), accepted by AIA, ACAC, and InterNACHI (successful completion of a written exam is required).

All students are required to either:
♦ lodge and dine on-site ($785.00), or

♦ lodge off-site, dine on-site ($265.00). 

07 through 11 May 2018,  IHM Retreat & Conference Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tuition$1,375.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or create a free IBE account).
Room & Board$785.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or create a free IBE account).
Meals only$265.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account) 
Tuition Deposit$350.00: Reserve your space (you'll be prompted to login or create a free IBE account). Deposit is refundable only if requested thirty or more days before the first day of seminar classes. 

If you and another student are interested in saving money by sharing a room, please send both names and details to us so we can make the appropriate arrangments with the venue.Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IBE reserves the right to deny/rescind enrollment, whether first-time or continuing, to students it deems to present the actual or anticipated risk of being or becoming disruptive of our program presentations, and/or a distraction for our students from what they have come to us to learn and experience.

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