IBE312 RectangleIBE 312 Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation is held every other calendar year. The next session is scheduled for 01 through 05 December 2016. This advanced seminar has a minimum of lecture and a maximum of lab and practical experiences to allow you to develop your skill set for best measurement practices, remediation planning and remediation costing. Emerging issues in the ever changing wireless communication landscape will be discussed.

Click here to download the 2016 syllabus for IBE 312

You will receive a copy of the new IBE Standard Measurement of Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) in Low-Rise Residential Buildings.  The practices covered in this standard will be used throughout IBE 312.  The seminar will examine the proper identification and mitigation of man-made electromagnetic energies to include power system ELF magnetic and electric fields, power system VLF Fields and wireless radio frequency radiations emitted by cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi and other wireless devices. Daily classroom experiences will feature comprehensive hands-on learning with the latest lab equipment.

Important:  The hands-on labs conducted 4 out of 5 days consist of realistic situations set up by the instructors where elevated electric, magnetic and radio frequency fields exist.  These fields exists in order to practice use of instruments for evaluation of conditions and identification of sources and to practice remediation of the fields.  These field levels exceed those levels found in most normal circumstances.  Electric fields may range up to 100 v/m close to sources. Magnetic fields will be of 6 milli-Gauss in large areas of the lab room and closer to sources. Pulsed, digital RF levels will range up to several thousand microwatts per square meter close to sources.  While efforts are made to limit the length of time these fields are on, they do exist for some time during each lab.  In the final lab all 3 fields types will exist possibly together. Please consider this reality in making your decision to attend this seminar. 

Please note: IBE 212 must be completed successfully before you enroll in IBE 312. Participants are required to purchase the book "Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding," by Karl Riley (available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon for about $25.00 USD). Students are also review the IBE 212 course work as its material will not be reviewed in IBE 312. Students wishing to repeat IBE 312 as a refresher will be admitted at half the published tuition rate.

All IBE seminars convey 40 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), accepted by AIA, ACAC, and InterNACHI, for which the successful completion of a comprehensive written exam will be required..

All students are required to either:
♦ lodge and dine on-site ($785.00), or

♦ lodge off-site, dine on-site ($265.00).

03 through 07 December 2018, IHM Retreat Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tuition$1,575.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)
Room & Board$785.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)
Meals only$265.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account) 
Tuition Deposit$350.00: Reserve your space (you'll be prompted to login or create a free IBE account). Deposit is refundable only if requested thirty or more days before the first day of seminar classes.


If you and another student are interested in saving money by sharing a room, please send both names and details to us so we can make the appropriate arrangments with the venue.Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IBE reserves the right to deny/rescind enrollment, whether first-time or continuing, to students it deems to present the actual or anticipated risk of being or becoming disruptive of our program presentations, and/or a distraction for our students from what they have come to us to learn and experience.

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