311 SeminarThis five-day seminar is intended for practicing Building Biologists, Air Quality Professionals, Mold Inspectors, and field professionals or homeowners who wish to enhance their current knowledge of and experience with field testing for mold, VOC’s, and common problem gases.

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You will acquire a thorough grasp of air quality investigating and testing in residential and commercial settings, and participate in  an examination of various instruments (explained, demonstrated, reviewed). You will learn current state of the art lab testing methods, with emphasis on interpretation of lab result and remediation protocols. You will explore tips and protocols for odor investigation, water heaters and back-drafting, and participate in an in-depth examination of formaldehyde testing and interpretation (Standard versus CARB2) and VOC testing and interpretation. And learn the protocols for wall cavity testing, and the specificities of dust analysis versus dust characterization.

30 November through 04 December 2015

Inspiration Center, Walworth, Wisconsin

This seminar conveys 40 CEUs, accepted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (ACAC). Early-bird registration is now open (a $100 savings); early-bird tuition is $1,575.00 and the room & board fee is $755.00 (three meals per day, plus break-time beverages and snacks). There is no online prerequisite course for this seminar; outside reading to be completed before the first day of classes will be announced soon.

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