Featured Presentation: Biogeometry

Doreya Karim PhotoDoreya Karim is director of BioGeometry Energy Systems, where she heads animal farming and agriculture contracts, teaches classes, and is a part of the BioGeometry research and product development team. BioGeometry is a design language that introduces harmony into the environment. As a design language BioGeometry has applications in numerous fields including architecture and design, telecom, transportation, farming, and well-being.

In 2007, Doreya was awarded a certificate of merit from the Swiss government for her participation as part of the BioGeometry team in the Electro-smog harmonization solution in Hirschberg, which was the second wide-scale environmental harmonization solution successfully applied by BioGeometry in Switzerland in collaboration with local government and the leading regional telecom provider Swisscom. Doreya’s current research and application has achieved a sustainable solution for raising chemical, antibiotic-free chicken in Canada as well as research on using shapes to lower cow leukocyte counts in dairy farming.

Ongoing research in BioGeometry is focused on how classroom design affects functioning of children with Autism and ADHD. 

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