Osthoff Resort PhotoPlease Read This Advisory Carefully:

(To download our venue EMF report, please click here.)

IBE has made every effort to ensure that the classroom, dining room, commons areas, and overnight guest rooms at this venue meet Building Biology Standards for a health-supporting environment. However, please consider the following very carefully, for your own good health, before deciding to register for our conference. If anything you read herein about the event property and its immediate environs leads you to be, or to feel, concerned for your health and/or your wellness, we encourage you to consider not attending.

WiFi service to a portion of a selected wing of the resort, as well as to our meeting room, will be turned off for the duration of our event. However, please be aware that, while our venue's location is remote, it is nonetheless "on the grid." There are cellular towers nearby, the venue building has been witnessed by us to present sporadically-situated magnetic fields, of varying though not of severley concern-worthy strengths, and you'll be sharing the property with non-IBE guests, whom you may reasonably expect to be using their mobile phones and other wireless communication devices freely.

Please note that the hallways and common areas that immediately serve IBE-dedicated rooms will likely be cleaned with products containing chemicals. Please also note that the resort is situated on the shore of a lake, amidst a virtual forest of trees, and this gives ample reasonable cause to expect that, despite the resort's best efforts, there will be random pockets and crevices that harbor mold, within the building. If you are mold or chemical sensitive, and especially if you suffer from MCS, we urge you to proceed with deciding whether to attend our event with your very best caution and your personal safety playing the major role in your decision. This resort should in no way be thought of as an IBE-sanctioned safe harbor from all potentially wellness-threatening environmental agents.

Further, please know there will be two laptop computers and an iPad in use by IBE staff during the entirety of our daytime events – in the event rooms. These devices will neither be WiFi nor Bluetooth enabled, but their monitors will nonetheless be emitting industry-standard levels of AC magnetic and electric fields, emanations that typically dissipate within one foot and six feet from the monitor, respectively. Also, attendees who opt to bring a laptop or tablet into our events with which to take notes will be required, and reminded often, to disable their device's WiFi and Bluetooth. And they will be asked to cluster themselves in a common area of the event room.

The Osthoff Resort, the venue for our 2017 Conference, is located 60 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 103 miles east of Madison, Wisconsin; and 150 miles north of Chicago O'Hare Airport. It is situated on beautiful Elkhart Lake, in a small town of the same name. The photos here below are typical of the entire property. If your health is susceptible to allergens, insect bites, the proximity of forest creatures, foliage-based irritants, etc., please proceed with your own best caution toward deciding whether to register for our conference. 

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