ArchitectonicsArchitectonics is often defined as the science of architecture. For Bau-Biological purposes, it means so much more. In this course, you will learn essential methods, practices, and principles for creating biologically and ecologically sound structures. We'll discuss energy conservation during manufacturing and building construction, with emphasis on designing homes that are energy efficient in the long-term.

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Topics explored include structures in wood, light-weight construction methods, green & sustainable construction, energy considerations, and seasonal construction.

Successful completion of this course conveys 10 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), and/or 10 credit hours toward IBE certification. It is comprised of two lessons, and can be read online as well as downloaded as a PDF. The tuition is $70 USD.

tuition$70.00 USD. You will be asked to login or create a free IBE account. To earn continuiong education credits (CEUs) for this course, you must complete its online exam successfully.


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