AngelaSelf 3aVital Spaces consults with homeowners, commercial building owners, builders, architects, and interior designers to help people go beyond green to create indoor environments that support human health in workplaces, homes, and schools with air purification, water purification, and minimal electromagnetic radiation. We help build healthy homes and buildings through new construction or renovation as well as provide electromagnetic radiation and air quality assessments. Vital Spaces will assist with home or site selection to ensure the area is conducive to a healthy home or office. We also collaborate with the top air and water purification system providers to offer our clients the best filtration technology available for homes and offices.

Angela Self, Founder + Principal of Vital Spaces, is available for clients within a 2-hour driving radius of Greenville, SC or by phone consultation as well as for speaking engagements.

Angela Self, BBEC, is a Building Biologist, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, and Licensed Builder in the state of South Carolina. She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of South Carolina. 


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Building Biology Environmental Consultants are independent contractors and, although IBE certifies that they have completed their training successfully, IBE is not responsible for their actions. Please contact the consultant directly for questions and/or concerns.