Riza SuzukiSuzuki Environmental provides indoor environmental assessments and mitigation services specializing in electromagnetics (EMF) remediation.

Other areas of expertise include:

• Indoor air quality (VOCs, particulates)

• Water

• Building materials

Risa brings over twenty years of experience in the technology field and is an experienced teacher and speaker, allowing her to easily bridge the gap between the technical jargon of EMFs and distilling the information down into simple, easy-to-understand concepts. This helps her clients to easily understand the health impacts, identify and remediate their environment, better enabling them to make the best choices for themselves and their families to create their own healthy spaces. Like many of her clients, Risa is also sensitive to EMFs and understands firsthand the need to balance the ever-changing technologies in our society and the health risks that they create.

Suzuki Environmental is based in Seattle and provides in-person assessments in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Consultation services are also available via Skype and telephone.

Please visit our website or call to learn more how Suzuki Environmental can help you create your own healthy home or office space.

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