Valerie_ExpertValerie is a certified Bau- biologie® Environmental Consultant (BBEC) with the International Institute of Bau- biologie® & Ecology, Inc. as well as a certified Permaculture Designer. She started Naturally Healthy Homes to help homeowners live a healthier lifestyle both inside and outside. Building biology and Permaculture are beyond ‘green’ approaches that focus on health and are especially valuable to those with Environmental Sensitivities or chronic illnesses, the elderly or children.

Located in Chandler, Arizona Naturally Healthy Homes services Arizona and the surrounding states. Specializing in environmental home testing including indoor air quality assessments, electromagnetic fields assessments, elimination of household toxins, and creating healthy sleeping spaces, we work with existing homes, renovations or new home purchases. A toxic home can be a factor in chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, childhood allergies.

Valerie is also available for speaking engagements, seminars, or other events.

Valerie Tourangeau, BBEC

Naturally Healthy Homes

1990 North Alma School Road, Suite 406

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Chandler, Arizona 85224

Phone: 480-229-8858

Please note: Building Biology Environmental Consultants are independent contractors and, although IBE certifies that they have completed their training successfully, IBE is not responsible for their actions. Please contact the consultant directly for questions and/or concerns.