Those among our more than two hundred certified alumni who maintain an annual IBE membership in good standing are listed in the table below. All other certified Building Biology experts may be found by requesting a referral from an expert on this page.

BBEC = Building Biology Environmental Consultant

EMRS = Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

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ConsultantBusiness NameCityState
Ashlie, Riun Neural Vitality Networks Boulder CO  
Appert, Scott
Bio Healthy Homes Seattle WA  
Baker-Laporte, Paula  EcoNest Architecture  Ashland  OR
Bell, Christopher Christopher Bell Fairfield IA ♦ 
Beres, Lisa & Ron
Ron & Lisa LLC Irvine CA  
Billitier, Eric Axis Environmental Solutions Lake Worth FL ♦ 
Bobbitt, Barbara Environmental Adaptations Hinsdale IL  
 Bunn, Brian  Healthy House Doctors  Ahwautuke  AZ
Buonocore, Chris  LifeSource Environmental Solutions Harrisonburg VA  ♦ 
Burmaster, Spark Environmental Options Viroqua WI  ♦ 
 Cadwallader, William
 Stop Dirty Electricity  Las Vegas
Collette, Stephen Your Healthy House Lakefield Ontario,
 Conkey, Anna  Healthy Home Environmental Testing
  & Consulting
 Milwaukee  WI ♦ 
Cordaro, Mary Mary Cordaro, Inc. Los Angeles CA  
Cotham, Jon Jon Cotham Environmental Ojai CA  
Coyne, Damon Environmental Consulting & Design Minneapolis MN  
Davis, Martine Indoor Environmental Testing, Inc. Madison WI  
DiCristina, Frank Environmental Healing Services Minneapolis MN ♦ 
Donahue, Peg Feng Shui Connections Windham NH  
 Doyon, Paul  Electromagnetic Safe Planet (ESP)  Santa Cruz  CA
Dupuy, Ginette Habitat sain et Ecologique Montreal Quebec,
Freres, Cameron Healthy Building Science San Francisco CA  ♦ 
Gorman, Paul Paul J. Gorman, Architects Baltimore MD  
Gust, Larry Gust Environmental Ventura CA ♦ 
 Hicks-Hamblin,  Kristina  Biodwell  Roosevelt  UT
  Hunolt, Elaine
 Healthy Spaces IQ  Alexandria  VA
 John L.H.  EMF Inspections  Clarksburg  Ontario,
 Koch, Annette  Health Wise Spaces  British Columbia  Canada ♦ 
 Krawczyk, Misty  Habitats in Harmony  Boulder  CO ♦ 
La Duca, Sal Environmental Assay, Inc. Phillipsburg NJ  
 Marchand, Mitch  Healthy Homes Calgary  Calgary  Alberta,
McLaughlin, Jeanne Cleaning with Vodka Saxonburg PA  
 Meadows, Bill  Mead Indoor EnviroTech  Marietta  GA
Menkes, Liz EMF Healthy Walnut Creek CA  ♦ 
Messinger, Nancy EMF Healthy Solutions Portland OR ♦ 
Metzinger, Rob Safe Living Technologies Guelph Ontario,
Michalak, Jennifer Healthy Home Arts Baltimore MD  
Miller, Oram Create Healthy Homes Los Angeles CA  ♦ 
Pond Reza, Elizabeth Current Living, LLC West Hartford CT  ♦ 
Sagula, Lee Healthy Homes Consulting, LLC W. Brandywine PA ♦ 
  Sanford, Lucy  Rethink Calm
 Niagara Region
 Ontario, Canada
 Schofield, Paula  Healthy Home Sanctuary  Palm Desert  CA
  Schultz, Diana  Green & Healthy Homes  Orlando FL ♦ 
Schwaebe, Michael Michael Schwaebe Encinitas CA ♦ 
Self, Angela Vital Spaces Greenville SC  ♦ 
Sierck, Peter Environmental Testing & Technology Carlsbad CA  
Spates, Will Indoor Environmental Technologies Clearwater FL  
Stadtner, Alex Healthy Building Science San Francisco CA  
Steller, Robert Breathing Easy Thornbury Ontario,
Stewart, Anne Environmental Health Consulting Oakville, and/or Parry Sound Ontario,
Stih, Dan Healthy Living Spaces Santa Fe NM  
Suzuki, Risa Suzuki Environmental Seattle WA  ♦
Travers, Phyllis Safe & Sound Home, LLC Duxbury MA  
Waletzke, Matt Healthy Dwellings Rockville Centre NY  
Wilson, Alison Healthy Homes Property Balance Sydney Australia  
Windheim, Eric EMF Solutions Sacramento CA  ♦ 
Woody, Jeanie Enviro-Designs Springfield MO  

* The Building Biology Environmental Consultants (BBECs) listed here are independent contractors. IBE confirms only that they have completed their certification training successfully. IBE is not responsible for their services, their assessments, or results obtained thereby. Please contact the consultant directly with questions and/or concerns.