These Architects/Builders have demonstrated a significant long-term commitment to applying Bau-biologie® principles to both new and remodeling construction. All have successfully completed IBE's Building Biology® Practitioner program or IBE's Building Biology® Environmental Consultant program. Please note that these are paid listings, and IBE does not guarantee or underwrite the services offered by the alumni herein.

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EcoNest Architecture: Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA, BBC

Paula Baker-Laporte is an architect and Building Biologist living in Ashland Oregon She specializes in health-enhancing and ecologically sound architectural design and consulting  and has extensive experience applying the principles of Building Biology to many forms of alternative construction including: Light straw-clay adobe, straw-bale, pumice-crete, aerated autoclaved concrete and wood insulated concrete forms. In her role as architect or consultant she has successfully assisted many  people with MCS in building healthy homes. She is the primary author of the book Prescriptions for A Healthy House and Co-author with husband Robert Laporte of Econest, Creating Sustainable Homes of Clay, Straw and Timber. Paula is a long-time instructor for IBE co-teaching the 213 Natural Healthy Building 5-day seminar. • (541) 488-9508

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Bio-solar®, LLC: The Holistic Standard for Architecture and Design

A&B_8Jörn Schröder is the President/CEO of Bio-Solar® LLC; a Dipl. Eng. Archit. and certified in Bau-Biologie®. Bio-Solar® is an eco architectural company which regards building structures as holistic living systems. Understanding the special needs of the chemically sensitive, BSL applies a holistic approach to building construction design in order to meet the need for optimally healthy indoor environments.

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EcoNest Company Natural Building Education

Robert Laporte is a builder of Natural Houses and an expert on traditional timber frame and clay-straw building techniques; based in Ashland Oregon.  His primary focus is natural building education and he has lead natural building workshops in light straw clay, caomplex roof framing, timber frame and earthen finishes all over North America., 541.488.9508


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LifeStream Solutions


LifeStream Solutions seeks to provide lasting, real answers that help you live well within your home, your place of work and education, and with the technologies that are designed for the future. John Stream, co-founder of LifeStream Solutions with his wife Dana, spent twelve years in the trades before returning to school to acquire a two year Architectural Drafting Degree, his BBEC Certification, and is currently completing a five year BFA in Industrial Design with a minor in Architectural Studies at the University of Washington.

John's intention is to create holistic design solutions that consider the importance of biological well-being in relation to the built environment and the technologies we use every day. Wether it's conceptual design or onsite inspection, John believes every step taken leads to a healthier, wiser future.

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Environmental Architecture, LLC

A&B_5Creative Environmental Architecture design solutions, incorporating feng shui, Bau-biologie, renewable energy and energy conservation technologies. Darek Shapiro, AIA, BBEC, Energy Integrator, provides consulting and complete residential and commercial architecture services. "I grew up on Manhattan island and have since spent my entire life mitigating the struggle between man and Nature by exploring what mankind owes to nature for a healthy body, mind, and spirit."

Your living space should feel as good as it looks. If you feel joy in creativity, then let me show you innovative architecture that is not only uniquely tailored to you, but is also ecologically sound, balanced with Feng Shui, and simply beautiful.

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BioHealthy Homes

A&B_4Scot Appert, BBEC, is a healthy ecological builder and Building Biologist with over 25 year's experience in the Seattle area. He is a certified Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant and is a Certified Renovator for lead detection and mitigation. Scot has inspected and provided consulting services for hundreds of homes, commercial spaces and building projects across North America. Scot works closely with home owners, architects, builders and doctors to provide clients and patients with superior building inspections, mitigation and healthy ecological building services. Scot serves the Pacific Northwest and BC.

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Alice Dodson Architect, PA

A&B_6Sustainable design for healthy and harmonious living. I am an architect since 1977, studied in Europe and in the US. We opened our own Architectural studio in Asheville area in 1990 Our main interest is in residential architecture and recreational, retreat projects. We have extensive experience in solar design, the use of healthy building materials and various alternative construction methods. We created our sustainable building approach mostly based on the principles of Bau-biologie and ecology. We also implement various design principles of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry where we can.

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Paul J. Gorman, Architects

Paul Gorman PhotoTo complement his architectural practice in the visible built environment, Paul consults with clients on how to find and eliminate sources of invisible, unnatural radiations and contaminations that are harmful to human health - and how to create a healthy home or office. This includes: Air and Water Quality (pesticides, mold, radon, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.); Building Exposures (formaldehyde, fire retardants, VOC's, etc.); and Electrostress (electric fields, microwaves, geopathic stress, etc.).

Paul's architectural practice covers a wide range of projects from home additions and remodeling, to churches, restaurants, laboratories, car dealerships, medical, day care, assisted living, fire stations and manufacturing uses, with over $150 million construction in place since 1987.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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