Whether it's furnishings, building supplies, organic clothing, personal and household accessories, or cleaning supplies, these vendors offer products that abide by the Building Biology Principles. Please note that, while IBE is satisfied in general with the products offered therein, and the purveyors have over time demonstrated a significant commitment to our principles, IBE does not endorse any specific products.

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Safe Living Technologies

Products: EMF Meters, RF Meters,  Gauss Meters, Electromagnetic Field Detectors, AC Electric Field Meters, AC Magnetic Field Meters, RF Shielding Fabric, Demand Switches, Bed Canopies, RF Shielding Fabric, Body Voltage Kits, EMF Detectors, EMR Detection Kits, RF Shielding Paint, RF Shielding Window Film, Shielded Power Cords and more...

Our goal at Safe Living Technologies “SLT” is to provide knowledge and technology to allow for informed decisions to be made concerning residential and commercial environments with regard to Electromagnetic Field “EMF” and Radio Frequency “RF” Exposures. 

We believe in and stand behind our entire product line. We carefully select all products and equipment based on Building Biology Guidelines, technical criteria, practical application and price point. You can be assured we have verified the effectiveness of each and every product before it leaves our facility.

Safe Living Technologies was founded by Electronic Engineering Technologist Rob Metzinger in 2006. Rob is also a certified Building Biologist, BBEC and considered one of North America’s top EMF experts. He is also a technical instructor at IBE and educates people how to measure the various components of Electromagnetic Radiation in Electromagnetic Radiation 212 & Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation 312.


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Products: Cleaning, Bedding, Building, Air filters, Water filters, Baby Supplies, Pest Control, Furniture, and much, much more.

P&S Logo_3Eco Terric offers green and healthy home furnishings, design services and consultation. We can help you create or enhance your beautiful and colorful home while still caring for our planet — using healthy, nontoxic materials and being socially responsible. At Eco-terric, we strive to create beautiful, colorful and environmentally friendly living spaces using healthy materials that are also socially responsible. In addition to accessorizing and furnishing your home with our products, we offer professional design services to assist in creating spaces that are kind to you, your family and the environment.

Rowena Finegan, owner and founder of Eco-terric, is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and is a member of the Board of the International Institute for Bau Biologie & Ecology (IBE). Rowena opened her first Eco-terric store in Bozeman, Montana in 2005, which was relocated in Livingston, Montana in 2008. In 2006 she opened a store in San Francisco—now part of the Green Home Center. She provides Bau-Biologie consulting in both geographic areas—including the Jackson, Wyoming area.


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Substance Products

Products: 100% Natural Mineral-based alternative to drywall, external OSB & external plywood, joint compounds & Stucco --Distributors of Magnesium-oxide (MGO) "Dragonboard", "Thermo-Hemp" Insulation, Keim Mineral Paints, American Clay Products, AND MORE. . .

P&S Logo_6Founded by George Swanson, BBEC, Substance Products is an authorized representative of Faswall, Durisol, Hebel and Forerunner building systems, featuring nationwide distribution with Factory Direct pricing and integrated design/build services. In recent years our firm has had the great privilege to have participated in the design and construction of over eighty natural, Bau Biologie, breathing, low toxic and fully non-toxic buildings in eleven states. Some of the alternative construction systems our firm has used are: Straw Bale, Straw/Clay, Rammed Earth, Faswall/Durisol block and most recently Hebel aerated concrete block.


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