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We provide the only program in North America that requires our certificants to complete a rigorous 120 hours of hands-on in-person experiential training, followed by three proctored final exams and a mentored Final Project, before we cerify them as expert consultants. Additionally, they are required to complete successfully 200 hours of online course work and 40 hours of our mentored correspondence course. Only then do we approve them to go into the field to serve the general public and businesses. Building Biology is a comprehensive science for which there is no fast-track to mastering the discipline.

A holistic indoor environment is a health-supporting indoor environment

This program will equip you with real-world, hands-on experience in identifying, assessing, and mitigating or eliminating toxic pollutants and electromagnetic emissions in homes, schools, and offices. You will also become an expert in prevention, certified to advise homeowners, architects, and builders in the best methods and practices that create and maintain an environmentally healthy home or commercial building.

Required Curriculum: IBE 101 Natural Healthy Buildings (our mentored correspondence course), attendance at three 5-day seminars (IBE 211 Indoor Air & Water Quality, IBE 212 Electromagnetic Radiation, IBE 213 Natural Healthy Building & Remodeling Practices), 200 credit hours of online, self-directed study, and successful completion of a Final Project. Our three seminars may be completed in any order. Students enrolling in this program who have already completed IBE 101 and/or their BBP certification will receive a $445.00 credit against their BBEC tuition. For complete details, download the program prospectus by clicking here, or the link here below.

Successful completion of a Final Project is required for IBE professional certification.
Click here to view/download the Final Project Student Guidelines


Throughout the program we will concentrate on teaching you the skills needed to make a genuine and positive impact in your community and in the world at large, as an IBE certified BBEC. If you have already completed our BBP certification program or our IBE 101 Natural Healthy Building correspondence course, we encourage you to consider taking your skills to the next level by becoming a Building Biology Environmental Consultant.

Advanced purchase tuition ($4,835.00) includes IBE 101, Natural Healthy Buildings.
New BBEC students who purchsed IBE 101 previously will receive a $445.00 credit/refund.

By selecting our advance purchase option and paying $4,835 USD for the entire certification track now, which includes all of your courses, seminars, and seminar prerequisites, you will save $950.00 off the total price of your tuition. You will have up to 2 years to complete this program; most students complete it within one year.

Tuition$4,835.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)
Room & Board$1,575.00: Click here to pay (you'll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)

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