Acquire cerified expertise in the three pillars of Building Biology: electromagnetic radiation, indoor air & water qualty, and holistic building principles & preactices.

Building Biologists make a profound difference in people's lives every day. Trained as certified environmental consultants (BBEC) and/or electromagnetic radiation specialists (EMRS), and/or healthy building design consultants (BBNC) they help meet the ever-increasing public demand for proven methods that secure homes, schools and workplaces from indoor toxins and electromagnetic pollution.

Please note that Building Biology Advocates (BBAs) are certified in Building Biology theory, but they are not certified to assess, identify, and/or mitigate indoor environmental hazards to human health.

The first step is yours, and we will be there to guide and support you throughout your academic journey with us to your certification. We hope you find your Certification or Update experience with us enlightening, and take your new-found wisdom out into your community for the benefit of all.

All certification candidates please sign IBE's Code of Ethics, which can be downloaded here.

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Building Biology


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