Michael ConnMichael Conn, Executive Director: Michael leads our marketing, interactive, planning, outreach, and administrative teams, with financial and creative oversight on each. He joined IBE in 2009, following a thirty year career in international advertising, where he provided branding and imagery solutions to Fortune 500 advertising agencies on four continents. He is the former managing partner of Northlight Studios, Inc., with offices and production facilities in Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York.

Oram MillerOram Miller, Director of Learning & Development: Oram oversees our Apprentice Program, which teams our certification students with working IBE-certified professionals, a program he founded and developed, and serves as our chief fountainhead for new curriculum development. He is the owner of Create Healthy Homes, and an environmental advocate through his podcasts, public speaking, and videos and whitepapers available on his website.

7 17aErik Rosen, Director of Interactive/Adminstrative Services: Erik manages all design and delivery aspects of our online curriculum, and is the onsite coordinator at all IBE seminars and conferences. He has worked in many facets of the communications field, including as journalist, medical writer, copywriter, and managing editor of a literary monthly magazine.

Jeanne_Photo1Jeanne McLaughlin, BBP Program Coordinator: Jeanne mentors our correspondence course students, and leads practitioner candidates throughout their certification studies. She is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, a Board Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and board member of Fung Shui Institute International, FSII, a Reiki Master, a Laugh-a Yoga teacher, and treasurer of IBE's board of directors.

board soniaSonia Hoglander, MBA, BBEC, Director of Professional Development: (board member since 2012), owner of HomEvolution Consulting, is an electrical engineer with an extensive background in project and program management, IT and communications solutions consulting, business planning, sales and marketing consulting. She serves on our Membership and Professional Development Committees, and takes an active behind-the-scenes role in many aspects of IBE management.  

Shaun K

Shaun Kranish, EMRS, Director of Online Membership: Shaun, the "EMF Explorer," is a former IT consultant turned EMF/EMR consultant, researcher, and advocate with 10 years experience located near Chicago.  Owner of ElectraHealth.com, founder of the IEHA, and registered electrician with training from Dave Stetzer, Shaun's life is dedicated to these EMF/EMR issues and how we may live more closely to nature without giving up technology.  

Diane HendersonDiane Henderson, Editorial and Outreach Manager: Diane has over 30 years experience in technical writing, software training, website design, and database management.  She provides technical and editorial direction for IBE's online courses and newsletters, and provides software and platform guidance as needed. She is currently a training and development analyst, and a student BBP.


IBE VolunteersOur Mighty Corps of Volunteers: Meet the dozens of selfless men and women who are the heart and soul of IBE. Some serve on our board of directors, others serve on our steering and planning committees, others man (and woman) our phone lines, they coordinate our seminars and other events, they serve as mentors and advisors to our students and potential students.

This very website, under the direction of our executive director Michael Conn, was designed, written, programmed, and launched by a team of five volunteers.