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Julia Whitfield is a Certified Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS) and Certified Radon Gas Measurement Professional (NRPP #108312).

Healthy Home Evaluations specializes in EMF assessment and remediation of fields/frequencies including AC magnetic, AC electric, radio frequency (RF) and dirty electricity in addition to evaluations of Indoor Air Quality based on Building Biology healthy building practices. Since 2014, while performing radon tests for real estate transactions, she is known as The Radon Lady of Santa Fe.

She came to Building Biology and EMR after realizing her office was making her sick to the point she was unable to continue as the webmaster of her award-winning jewelry website. After spending a couple of years researching what happened to her, it became her passion to learn everything she could about the subject, about protection and avoidance strategies, to go into the field and show people how even simple choices can have lasting effects on their health, spirit and well-being. She is especially driven to raise awareness among parents and parents-to-be about the wisdom of protecting children and limiting their exposure to RF radiation.

Healthy Home Evaluations services include:

  • Professional EMF & RF assessments using professional grade, certified and calibrated Gigahertz Solutions instruments specifically designed for Building Biologists and utilize proven Building Biology protocols for detection, measurement and mitigation strategies.
  • Real Estate Services – Pre-purchase, pre-rent and power line evaluations. EMR and dirty electricity data logging for new homes or land
  • Healthy building consulting (new construction or remodel)
  • Creation of "Low EMF Sleep Sanctuaries" and Nursery Planning – Creating the most restful, health- supporting sleeping spaces so your family can rest, restore and feel better.
  • Wireless and other high frequency RF radiation protection measures (WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, cordless audio devices/speakers, digital video boxes, baby monitors, RF thermostats, televisions, radar, FM, AM etc)
  • Health Practitioner office space EMF/RF evaluation and solutions
  • Certified Radon Gas Testing for homeowners and real estate transactions
  • Fully documented written reports and follow-up consultations are provided with all on-site whole home assessments.
  • Amazing non-toxic cleaning products that use only water

Please visit, call or email to learn more about how Julia Whitfield and Healthy Home Evaluations can help you transform your living spaces into a radiation-free, health-supporting sanctuary. Many clients feel better right away. The process is designed to be interesting, fun and empowering, without being overwhelming.

Serving the Northern New Mexico region including Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and surrounding areas including AZ, TX and CO.

Julia Whitfield, EMRS

Healthy Home Evaluations

Phone: 505-670-6738

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Santa Fe, NM


Please note: Building Biology Environmental Consultants are independent contractors and, although IBE certifies that they have completed their training successfully, IBE is not responsible for their actions. Please contact the consultant directly for questions and/or concerns.