Schultz_ExpertGreen and Healthy Homes, in Orlando, Florida, conducts Home Assessments to determine indoor environmental issues that could be affecting the health of residents, and their children throughout the Central Florida area.

Assessments include measurements of indoor air quality and electromagnetic fields, and evaluations of the elements in the home that may contribute stressors to the indoor living climate. Among many factors, attention is paid to sources of water intrusion, off-gassing, and unsafe frequencies that can lead to potential harmful effects on the body. Full reporting on findings, recommendations and resources are included to assist residents in prioritizing and making healthy choices. Healthy Home Assessments can be valuable in real estate considerations, pre-renting situations, baby nursery room planning, investigating questions about possible health risks, and in creating a sleeping sanctuary.

As a Bau-Biologist with Green and Healthy Homes, Diana Schultz is passionate about sharing this holistic body of information on natural building materials and furnishings as well as what toxins, chemicals and electro-pollution to avoid. By helping people to become aware of what actually exists in their homes and the many choices they have, Diana is helping create livable, breathable, healthy spaces for adults and, especially children to live in, thrive in, and heal.

Diana provides phone consultations, assessment services, product research, and presents Green and Healthy Homes workshops and seminars. See the GHH website at the link below for the latest, and to send questions or requests.

Diana Schultz holds a BA, Rollins College in Urban Planning with Environmental Studies, Magna cum Laude, and is a Bau-Biologist and Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC).

Diana Schultz, BBEC

Green and Healthy Homes

1612 Campbell Avenue

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Orlando, Florida 32806

Phone: 407-859-0006


Please note: Building Biology Environmental Consultants are independent contractors and, although IBE certifies that they have completed their training successfully, IBE is not responsible for their actions. Please contact the consultant directly for questions and/or concerns.